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 December 4th

As I sit and am still, in the silence of my own heart, I completely appreciate all that is present in my life. I am thankful to be alive. I value my family and friends. My life is filled to overflowing with the true gifts of this existence.

My life is as I make it! Situations and people show up as I call them forth into being present. The lessons I learn are the ones I have told the Universe I need to develop. It is funny that sometimes I moan about what is showing up but when I accept the lessons, I relax.

So I am always in awe of how my beautiful life is projected on the movie screen of my reality. I love my life with all of the blessings I receive from the lessons I experience. Like when I say I want to work on patience, magically an opportunity will appear for me to truly understand what true patience looks like. Nevertheless, how can I appreciate the beauty in patience if I will not openly allow the situations that will teach me into my world?

Be careful of the lessons you proclaim to the Universe you want to learn. Your thoughts and words are strong broadcasters. Your words are very powerful and they do not go unfulfilled. Your thoughts are like radio waves that broadcast your energy to manifest your ideas. Your words are similar to a computer, a worldwide web of connections that unite to bring forth those things you speak of into reality.

Today I purposely tell the Universe exactly what I desire. My words and thoughts are positive and uplifting. I refuse to allow any negative thoughts to enter into my reality on this day of my life. I will take this action one day at a time until I have mastered it. What I think on and speak will eventually show up in my life and affairs.

I choose for my life to be filled to overflowing with LOVE! I choose for the warmth of this deep satisfying Energy to totally overtake me, to capture my every movement. In the silence, I give thanks for a magnificent life. In the silence I am satisfied.

Oh how sweet is my life; Sweet with the wondrous aroma of Love. Just for today I relax and bathe myself in unconditional Love of who I am. I am so beautiful! I am so unique! I am so intelligent! I matter!

Today, I am grateful for LIFE AND LOVE!!