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 December 25th 

There is a Love so rich and pure; no words are needed to express it outwardly. Actually, words seem to diminish the energy of Love.

It is the type of Love you feel when you hold your newborn baby for the first time. Its simply a bonding of pure intent. Pure love flows from you to your baby. This is a most perfect situation. The energy is wholesome, unadulterated and untainted. This incredible feeling is one of absolute bliss.

Moreover, no words are needed for either the mother and child or the father and child, both are bonding from their heart not their words. This action lasts a lifetime.

Our friends also provide this type of unconditional acceptance with no words required. Have you ever been deep in something and one of your friends show up, unexpectedly? Neither of you say a word yet both of you know exactly what is happening.

All the support, encouragement and/or Love arrive on your doorstep with a huge smiling face. You know at that moment there is a force greater than you operating in this massive Universe. Your Angel is there to offer a ray of hope or a glimmer of support, just at the precise time that it was most needed; all without a word spoken.

This type of Love resides in the silence of Life when you become still and acknowledge that Life Force Energy. You commune at a deep level of respect and honor. You go deeper into this communion and feel the all-sustaining Energy.

You get revved up like a race car engine that is about to run the greatest race of its existence. It feels like electricity at a high voltage running through the veins of your body. Yes, my dear it is there in the Silence where you can become one with all living creatures.

The Silence of Love is so awesome. You radiate pure ecstasy. The Love of The Creator is pumping that life force energy inside of you! You can feel it, especially in the silence of your movements, in the dead silence of inner chatter or outside pollution.

The Silence of Love permeates the cells of your body making them new; the Silence works to improve your circulation and stamina; the Silence is the wonder ingredient that heals from the inside to the outside.

The Silence of Love is all that truly exist.