Using Food As Our Medicine

Dr. Khadijah Nevorn Askari, a loving and dedicated pediatrician, who took care of the young and old, was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. to Freedom Fighters and Civil Rights Activists; Marie and Fred Hall Sr. She is the ninth of ten children. At a young age, Dr. Askari dedicated her life’s work to the freedom and upliftment of African people wherever we may be. Her loving parents and extended family instilled in her the love of being of service to mankind.

Her presence commanded the respect and attention of all she encountered. Dr. Askari is a front-runner in alternative health modalities and a revolutionary in thought and practice in the healthcare profession. She stands firm in her commitment and makes no apologies for her stance to demand excellence in healthcare.

Dr. Khadijah Nevorn Askari is a name that is synonymous with integrated healthcare. Although her Medical Diploma reads, Emory School of Medicine, Dr. Askari was nurtured, fed and cradled in the bosom of the Historically Black College we affectionately know as The Morehouse School of Medicine. She helped to set the standard for excellence as one of their original pioneer students.

Her extensive studies of holistic medicine and natural therapies provided her with the expertise to provide comprehensive healthcare to those she served. Dr. Askari has taken her experience garnered from years of study in the United States and abroad and used it to benefit the families in her community. At her office, Shifa Al-Asqam, Dr. Askari provided services that applied to the total well-being of her patients. From homeopathic remedies to yoga classes, the loving healthcare provided by Dr. Askari reflects an understanding that healing of the body is directly connected to healing of the mind and spirit.