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Jennie Trotter –ED WHolistic Stress Control InsIn 1987, the Preschool Stress Relief Project (PSSRP) was co-developed by Jennie C. Trotter and Gloria S. Elder, Deputy Director and WSCI’s first employee. In 2006, the PSSRP model program was featured in the book, “The Educator’s Guide to Emotional Intelligence and Academic Achievement: Social-Emotional Learning in the Classroom”, by M. Elias and H. Arnold. The PSSRP curriculum has been successfully implemented in Head Start programs and other pre-school programs around the U.S.

WSCI has received a number of national and local awards. Some of the most distinguished include: The Center for Substance Abuse Prevention Exemplary Program Award (1990) for Preschool Stress Relief Project (PSSRP); the Robert Wood Johnson Community Health Leadership Program (CHLP)Award for pioneering efforts in the areas of violence prevention for youth.

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