Reversing Cancer

During my career, I’ve discovered many areas of concern in the healthcare system. I’ve conducted more than 17 years of intensive health and natural cancer research and have found ways to lower blood pressure, and improve leaky gut. Along with other natural ways of helping many other illnesses naturally.

My website offers access to all-natural health information on both common and complex diseases. Receive health coaching from someone who is passionate about helping people, and has worked in the emergency medical field for more than 20 years including teaching First Aid, AED, and CPR for Red Cross and American Heart as well as spending 10 years as a paramedic.

In 2016, I completed Dr. Axe‘s Integrated Nutritional Leadership class and also completed a 10-day raw organic living food program in Atlanta GA.

His website features articles and videos covering everything from healthy recipes, workout tips, and the latest in all-natural health news!