BE-ing Relaxed

As long as Tony could remember, he has always been fascinated by the human body/anatomy and physiology, as he soon realized that this was an awesome vehicle in regards to how the Mind, Body and Spirit worked independently and cohesively as one unit.

Tony came from a background of athletics. He played high school and college basketball. After college, he started cycling and participated in long-distance riding to help stay healthy and in shape. His life change came after he decided to further his education, and he no longer wanted to work another 9 to 5 job sitting at a desk, shuffling paper all day. Miraculously, massage therapy found him, and thus began his journey. In 1992, he applied to the Potomac Massage Training Institute in Washington, DC and it changed his life forever.

This training allowed him to combine his interest in anatomy and physiology with a strong desire to provide health and healing, not only to him-self, but others as well. He started practicing yoga to bring balance to his life to manage the stress that came with the busy life of working a full-time job while attending school. In 2005, Tony left the corporate world and focused on massage therapy, yoga, nutrition and juicing.